Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Graphic would love your support & vote

This post has languished this past year. It seems the daily hustle of work and home leave little time or energy for much else, even those things we enjoy doing. Graphic is facing inventory this week and will be closed Friday, June 29th until Monday. Please check Graphic's facebook page for specials. Check out the video "Ink to Page" on VIP Paper - Welcome to the Art World! or go to Graphic's Facebook page which will take you right to the link. An inside look of Graphic! Schools - please let us know how we can make the back to school rush easier for you. Please let us know in advance what you think you'll be ordering so that we have plenty of stock. Also, we will ship student orders together and charge them separately, so please suggest this to them. It will save on their shipping costs. If they combine a group order they would also benefit from quantity discounts. We have new products to offer and will be updating our website with more pictures.  

We are asking our friends for support - we have applied for a small business grant. In order to be considered we need 250 Facebook votes. Please go to Graphic Chemical & Ink on facebook. There is a link that will take you to the spot to vote. Being a small company has many advantages but in a bad economy, it does turn some short term goals into long term goals and dreams. Getting a grant would allow us to refurbish and add equipment that will hopefully make us more efficient and productive.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Madness

It's hard to believe that summer is over and schools everywhere have already started classes. So much is going on. Florida State College in Jacksonville is hosting a Steam Roller event - Blocktoberfest. The seventh international printmaking conference, Impact VII, was held in Melbourne. Sadly, Graphic didn't attend but two of our distributors, Melbourne Etching and Heidelberg Fine Art Wholesalers were there.

Group orders are encouraged and we can work with instructors on the logistics. We appreciate receiving material lists from instructors - it helps when students call and don't really know what they are supposed to get. When they ask for black ink and we ask what kind, what brand, etc....and they don't know, it makes it more difficult or causes longer wait times while the student gets the info they need. And, everyone wants their order yesterday. It is the nature of the season. And, we are happy to hear what schools want stocked - you don't need to place a firm order but it's helpful to know if you plan to ask each student to get a number 8 elliptic tool - especially if you have 20 students!

We have two specials this month - Select papers and Brilliant Pink Tint Hanco Litho Ink (HI-3012). My typo when ordering has caused an overstock. We will donate $5.00 from every can purchased to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Deal of the Month - Select papers specially priced:
Somerset Satin White 22 x 30 300gm $4.20 per sheet
Somerset Text White 22 x 30 300gm $3.80 per sheet
Graphic Heavyweight Nat White 20 x 26 250gm $1.00 per sheet.
Revere Suede Polar White 22 x 30 250gm $2.85 per sheet
Revere Silk Polar White 22 x 30 250gm $2.85 per sheet
Stonehenge Steel Grey 22 x 30 250gm $2.00 per sheet
Stonehenge Kraft 22 x 30 250gm $2.00 per sheet
Stonehenge Pale Blue 22 x 30 250gm $2.00 per sheet
Stonehenge Polar White 22 x 30 250gm $2.00 per sheet

No other discounts apply. If you order online, put "Paper Sale" or "think pink" in the comment box. This offer is good while supplies last or through October 31, 2011.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Water Soluble Inks are back!

After a long search for a vehicle that would work for our water soluble inks, we have succeeded. The out-cry over the loss was understandable. Not only were the inks wonderful for Relief printing but customers were using them for other applications. The red w/s ink was popular as a ground. The following comment was taken from Inkteraction, an international printmaking network.

"I use crimson red w/b relief ink, graphic chemical. It is really great. You can do both soft and hard ground in one application! The ink is rolled on and while wet used as a soft ground, just like you would with traditional soft-ground. Then we heat it on the hotplate (or air dry) and when it is dry it is a hardground. If your just doing soft ground, let it dry before etching. It holds up pretty well, Id say about as well as the traditional ball grounds. The best part of it is that one of my students discovered that it can be removed with baking soda! A little scrubbing is needed but it takes it off. Pretty cool I think. Since it is water-based you can get some really interesting textures by dripping water and or alcohol on the wet ground and letting it dry also (I have achived toner and tushe wash effect this way)."

We appreciate hearing from artists that use printmaking products. Not only is it important to know how they perform in the intended use, but also when used in other ways. Experimentation sometimes yields some great results.

We hope you'll try the newly formulated inks - the initial response is great. For those of you using them as a ground or in another way, please give us some feedback. We'd love to know if they work as well for you as the previous formulation.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Madness

As the school year comes to an end we are slowing down and working on projects that have been postponed throughout the year(s). We always start out ambitious and full of ideas and while we make a dent there is always more to do. As orders pick up and Rush descends upon us, unfinished tasks once more become "shelved." Not so this year - we have a young, very ambitious crew who are taking Spring Cleaning to a new level. They are showing little mercy as they unearth box after box of items stashed here and there...some of them interesting, some not so much. It is sometimes hard to let go of things that have a memory attached or perhaps just something that you believe someone can use. While we are re-organizing so that the shipping room is arranged more efficiently, we are also facing inventory at the end of June. It does make purchasing difficult right now - we don't want overstock on June 30th but want to make sure our customers have what they need in the meantime. There will be frequent specials listed on Graphic's facebook and twitter pages - these discounts will apply to in stock merchandise only and no other discounts will apply. The week before inventory we are holding a huge Inventory Sale - June 23, 24th and 25th. There will be great deals on discontinued product or product that is not pretty (a dented can, water-stained tarlatan, etc.) We have lots of paper to offer and many of the old Handschy inks as well as what we have left of the old Graphic W/S block inks. There will be lots of overstocked items as well.

My MAY Blog offering is 25% off all Createx Colors in stock and the Printmaking in the Sun DVD (U.S. & P.A.L. versions) for $20.

Upcoming events

June 23rd, 24th & 25th - Blow-out Pre-Inventory Sale
Join us for great bargains -
728 North Yale Avenue, Villa Park, IL 60181

September - IMPACT 7 - September 27 - 30, 2011 Monash University, Caulfield (Victoria) Australia

For information e-mail

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paper Lovers

Dean and I head off to Berkeley, California next week to attend the Codex show. The third biennial CODEX International Book Fair and Symposium will take place February 6-9, 2011 on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. They are gathering together a congress of the world’s finest private presses, book artisans, artists, curators, collectors and scholars. For information go to:

If any of you will be near Toronto, check out the Japanese Paper Place workshop schedule. Besides beautiful papers they have very interesting items that are beautiful in themselves - along with inks and carving tools.

Painterly Printmaking: Screen Monoprint Plus $185 + hst
with Linda Kristin Blix
Saturday & Sunday January 29 & 30, 10 am – 4 pm

Sample from <span class=Blix's
Sample from Blix's Mechanics of Life series of screen monoprints and relief prints

Screen monoprinting is an innovative and unique printmaking technique. Brilliant fabric dye is painted onto a silk screen in a spontaneous and fluid manner. Once dry, a squeegee is used to pull clear medium over the screen, printing the image onto the paper. The luminous and translucent quality of the dye meshes well with washi allowing the surface of the paper to have its own subtle presence in the final image. The very particular effect of this technique cannot be achieved through painting directly on paper.

This magical process satisfies both the painter and the printmaker. Those intimidated by the technical aspect of printmaking find the simplicity in screen monoprinting a delightful surprise yet the innumerable possibilities are challenging to the seasoned artist.

To add another dimension to the workshop, students will carve into a butter soft material to create a relief print. Combining the fluid, painterly monoprints with the strong lines of a relief print make for a unique juxtaposition of printmaking styles.

Students should bring a smock, a folder for your prints, a lunch, and a desire to play and be as free as a child again! All materials provided including the use of silk screens and block cutting tools. Lots of beautiful washi, of course!

We have a very large assortment of papers, both western and eastern. Check out the Graphic site for our offerings. If you haven't tried doing Chine Colle look at the book Magical Secrets - Chine Colle by Crown Point Press. We stock the book along with fabulous papers and the wheat and rice pastes for this process. Through February all paste, glue, Konnyaku & Kakishibu Persimmon Dye will be on sale - 15% off...Japanese papers 10%. Please mention PaperLover to get your discount.

Friday, October 8, 2010

October Musings

Fall is a favorite time of year for many mid-westerners. The hot summer is behind us and thoughts of snow and ice a distant thought. Just beautiful weather and still enough light in the evening to keep us energized. Once the cold and darkness sets in, my body clock re-regulates to bear-like behavior. In the evening I just want to hibernate under a warm quilt with a good book.

We've been busy at Graphic - the usual fall rush with students and instructors ordering materials to have in time for classes. It's always a dance of some sort - better when it's a waltz and everything flows smoothly, but occasionally it becomes a tango. Our customers have been great - Most realize we aren't Amazon. We are working hard at reducing order wait time, backorders, and communication among other things, but we are a small company with real-time employees. Whenever you do have a problem, let us know. Especially when done in a positive, pleasant way, it gets our attention.

My October specials:

20% off all Books, videos & dvds, colored pencils and drawing pads...
15% off Airbrushes, Compressors and Aquatint Spray Solutions (Lascaux & Badger)
10% off Table & Floor Lamps with Magnifiers

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I was sorting through old pictures trying to remember dates photos were taken - there were several "first day of school" pictures of our children - sometimes it was what they were wearing that helped narrow it down. But I remember how excited our kids were on that first day back to school - choosing what to wear, coordinating with friends for the walk to school, organizing their new supplies and packing up their back-packs the night before. Even though our children our grown, we, at Graphic, still experience the back to school preparation and anticipation, if in a different way.

The beginning of every new school term brings with it deadlines, red tape, and sometimes a little anxiety - not to mention the "art emergencies " that arise. We're asking for help in improving our service during this next school rush period. It is more important than ever for manufacturers to keep inventory tight. Economics just don't allow for excess inventory and cash being tied up in non-profitable stock. The flip side is that we want to keep you stocked with the right products in time for classes. The difficulty comes in trying to project - Classes are not always firm early on but we want to be able to start on your "wish list" for fall. For instance, if you know that your are teaching etching, please tell us what quantities you estimate and what products you think you'll order. You don't have to send in a firm order (but, that would be great!) . Any instructors that turn in a supply list by July 31st will earn their students a 5% discount on their student's orders when they order in the fall. Students can save money on shipping by pooling their orders. We appreciate your business and want to support you and printmaking in any way we can. List any products you anticipate - tools, plates, paper, inks or non-standard items would be very helpful. Please specify brand and sizes where appropriate. Please keep in mind that certain products - imagon for example - may not ship during hot weather.

Individual artists have deadlines as well and we don't want you to get lost in the shuffle. The more information we have from you, the better we can serve you. If you know you have a deadline, please keep us informed. We're working on our end to communicate better with our supplies and our customers. Together, we can make the back to school rush run more smoothly.

10% Monthly Specials:
Paper Sale
60828 Revere Silk 22x30" Polar Wht 250gsm
60809 Revere Suede 22x30" Black 250gsm
60810 Revere Suede 22x30" Ivory 250gsm
60808 Revere Suede 22x30" Bisque 250gsm
60821 Revere Suede 42"x20yd Stand Wht 300gsm
60722 Maidstone 22 x 30 Warm Wht 245gsm
60720 Maidstone 22 x 30 White 245gsm
60360 Graphic H/W 20 x 26" Nat Wht 250gsm
42110 Gesso 1 Ltr
42117 Spray UV semi-mattProtection
42118 Spray UV Matt Protection
42119 Spray UV Gloss Protection
42130 Trans Varnish 2 matt 5lt
42125 Trans Varnish 1 Gloss 5lt